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Due to the enormous demand for plants online and the current COVID-19 situation we have been delayed with packing. There is also a delay in answering all questions, requests and messages. We are working hard to send all outstanding orders as quickly as possible and to provide everyone with an answer. Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience.
Consequently orders placed after May 18 will be shipped starting from June 2.


Philodendron Birkin Philodendron Birkin Feuille: Diamètre de la feuille…
€ 16,95
Echinocereus Pectinatus Rubispinus Echinocereus Pectinatus Rubispinus Hauteur: jusqu'à…
€ 24,95
Ceropegia Woodii "Marlies Variegata" Ceropegia Woodii "Marlies Variegata" Feuille:…
€ 6,95
Pas disponible de stock
Calathea "Makoyana" Calathea "Makoyana" Blad: Bladeren behalen een lengte van 15…
€ 1.195,00
Aphelandra "Snow White" Aphelandra "Snow White" Feuille: Diamètre de la…
€ 24,95
Pas disponible de stock
Senecio Rowleyanus Senecio Rowleyanus Feuille: Diamètre de la feuille…
€ 13,95
Aglaonema "King Of Siam" Aglaonema "King Of Siam" Feuille: Diamètre de la…
€ 14,95
Aglaonema "Prosperity" Aglaonema "Prosperity" Feuille: Diamètre de la…
€ 14,95


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